Please view, download, print and enjoy these pictures. Your relatives and friends in other parts of the world may enjoy seeing these pictures from this special day. Congratulations!!!

All of these pictures were taken on an Olympus D-360L digital camera set at 640x480 resolution. Average jpeg file size ~60k.

Mary, David, Clem and Jeanette
Getting Ready
Class Picture
Class Picture
Class Picture
Class Picture
Mary and Becca
Mary and Becca
Mary picking up name card
Mary and Veronica
Mary, Veronica and German
Brass Quintet
Mary and Mila
PhD Grads (Any takers for these cool robes and caps?)
From the back of the hall before the ceremony
Mary and Jeanette
Getting ready
Mary and Pam
Evening Cohort
Evening Cohort
Jeanette, Clem and David
Ready for ceremony to begin
All seated
Special recognition
Mary during hooding
***Mary receiving diploma***
The Proud Graduate
Mary, David and Clem
Mary, David and Jim
Outside the Hub
Outside the Hub
Mary and Lisa
Mary, Jeanette, Clem and David in Red Square
Mary in Red Square
Outside of the School of Social Work
Congrats Grads
Class of 2000 - Congratulations Congratulations
Cookie Monsters
Ina and Ciell
Mary and Jan
Social Work building - 1st floor
Mary, Cheryl and Steve