Foster Family Reunion

Here are the pictures from Saturday, July 8th and Sunday, July 9th. These are the unedited pictures. Some of the images were taken in a higher resolution mode and will take longer to download (sorry). Like I said, these are unedited and some of the pictures need to be rotated (hey, you can put your monitor on it's side). ;-) If you right click on a displayed picture you can save the file to your computer, etc.

It was great to see you all and to meet some of the new (to me) family members. A big thanks to Susan and Irene for getting this together and to John and Irene for hosting.

The pictures of Bob Kransberger, his wife Hannelore and Bob's daughter Meghan were taken on Wednesday, July 12th (last three pictures). Megan is currently in the Navy and stationed in Japan. I was lucky to catch her while she was on leave in Seattle.

Love to all of you from Seattle,
Jim []

P.S. All of the pictures were taken with an Olympus D-360L digital camera (1.3 megapixels).